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Keywords: Lilac Bouquet

  • Salad “Lilac Bouquet”

    Cooking, Recipes  |  0 Commentsalad “lilac bouquet”

    Salad pack layers promazyvaya mayonnaise. Each ingredient in 2 layers. - Potatoes (rasp) - Onion (diced) - Smoked Sausage (strips) - Apples (grated) - Almonds (soak it in boiling water and peel them) - Eggs (egg yolk to decorate the surface of lettuce, a protein - for decoration) - Canned pineapple For branches of lilac, you can use parsley or dill. And for the flowers themselves have to rub on terochke protein, put it in a teaspoon, seal and turn to green. To use the mauve-colored beet juice.