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  • Learn embroidery: Beadwork

    Embroidery  |  0 Commentlearn embroidery: beadwork

    Beadwork looks very nice. Embroider with beads can be as clothing and handbag, purse, backpack, etc.   Further details about the several ways of beadwork .   1. Shove 'forward needle' - stringing beads for each stitch, laying it on the front side. (Figure 1)   2. Shove "back needle" - embroidery will be more dense, as beads of closely adjacent to each other. (Figure 2)   3. Beadwork large areas - enter the needle, picking up a few beads for each stitch. (Fig. 3).   4. Embroidery beaded filament . Called such embroidery "is attached to the sewing." in