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  • Knitting baby shoes tutorial

    booties  |  0 Commentknitting baby shoes tutorial

    length of foot 13cm Scored 38 on the spokes of Work 1 number of loops in the middle of a facial place a marker All knit garter Gain from the second row 4 loops in every second row 2petli at the beginning and end and 2 in the middle, Metal Edge, yo, 17 facial, yo, 2 facial, yo, 17 facial, yo, Metal Edge the following series with the addition of 19 facial, then 21 and so on We add up to 54 loops including the Edge and secondary - is

  • Knitting Baby Booties tutorial

    Knitting  |  0 Commentknitting baby booties tutorial

    Since the Christine's Stay-On Baby Booties came out different colors, I decided to knit a third and see which it matched so at least I'd have a pair.  When I finished the third, I looked at the remaining yarn and thought I just might be able to squeeze out a fourth - so I gave it a try. I also received many comments about the baby booties and one reader - Ruthie - mentioned that she had difficulty with this pattern.  Perhaps a pic-tutorial would help? First step - and this is very important