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Keywords: knitting poncho

  • Poncho with a vertical pattern

    Knitting, Needle crafts, Scarves  |  0 Commentponcho with a vertical pattern

    Size: 38 You will need: 650 grams of white yarn Mondial Merino Special (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 79 m/50 g), straight spokes № 6, the auxiliary arm Bubble gum (an odd number of loops): 1-p. (On izn. Side): all persons. 2 nd p.: 1 izn .. * 1 individuals. twin (1 persons. out of the loop preceding p. corresponding to the first item on the left spokes), 1 izn .* repeat from * to *; third p.: repeat rapport with 1 p. The pattern of crossing (width 33 para): knit the scheme. The density of knitting. Bubble gum: