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  • Woolen heart for Valentine

    Amirugumi, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Knitting, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentwoolen heart for valentine

    Small hearts, that you can give your favorite Valentine's Day or to decorate their own home for this holiday. These hearts are knitted in a circle, both sides simultaneously. Therefore, practically do not have to sew. Any suitable yarn for knitting, I used 100g cashmere-200m. Spokes-5 hosiery needles or 2 pairs of circular needles size of 2,5-3,5. Using the method 8 dial on two spokes of the 4 loops. Provyazhite 1 lap. Provyazhite each loop front and behind. Thus, at each spitse get to 4 loops. A) Provyazat front one lap. B) The A1, M1, provyazat A loop until the