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Keywords: knitting for Christmas tree

  • Small blouse knitting for Christmas tree and doll

    Amirugumi, Knitting, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentsmall blouse knitting for christmas tree and doll

    odezhka for toys • 1. dial 27 loops, tie 8 rows of 1x1 Rib 2. Next knit raglan. Number of loops (27). Subtract 4 raglan loop, the remaining 23 loops divide into three parts before (two shelves), back and sleeves. Hinges Hose divide by 2. Loop transfer divided by 2. Total obtain: Shelf - 4 loop Raglan -1 loop Hose - 4 loop Raglan -1 loop back-7 loop Raglan -1 loop Hose - 4 loop Raglan -1 loop Shelf - 4 loop 1 row-face: A loop of metal edge, 3 loops facial, A loop of broaches, A loop (Raglan) Wrong, A loop of broaches, 4 facial, A loop of