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  • Knitting caps, helmets for girls

    Baby, Hats, Knitting, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentknitting caps, helmets for girls

     To cap will need: 100 g of wool yarn (100g/250m), spokes № 3 and № 4, № 3 circular needles, crochet hook number 3. Basic patterns: stockinet (in facial series knit purl loops) garter , "Spit" - facial tally of 6 loops. 1 row: facial loop 2 row: purl loops 3 rd row: three loops left on the supporting spokes provyazat three loops facial, and then provyazat loop with the supporting spokes, ie, provyazat crossed loop 4 row: purl loops 5 series: facial loop 6 row: purl loops 7 range = 1 row Performing cap-hat: First knit the bar, which will go on an