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  • Knitting booties tutorial

    Baby, booties, Knitting, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentknitting booties tutorial

    Proceed. Number of spokes select a thread. I was knitting № 2,5. We collect the main color yarn loops 46 2 Edge and face knit stitch (license ranks - people. Loop izn. Ranks - izn. Loop). 1-st row : 22n crossover yo, 2n, crossover yo, 22n. Crossed yo - bend string arc and rotate clockwise. Obtain the loop pull on the spoke. 3rd row: 22n, cross over. YO, 4n, cross over. YO, 22n. So knit 2 - 2,5 cm, not forgetting each personal number after and before the 22n. delut crossed yo and

  • Strawberries booties tutorial

    booties  |  0 Commentstrawberries booties tutorial

    Girls, for sure many of you already knit booties zefirki famous, and I have based on them appeared an interesting idea, that's what it turned out! For those interested in spread opisanienabiraem 14 loops and knit garter turn on red thread and knit 3 rows alternately face, three rows of purl coats embroidering seeds on the edge of bootees recruit loop, while the red part of bootees not bother working only with the green part of each loop vyvyazyvaem three, knit 4 rows garter prisborivaem front of bootees and sew,

  • Booties “gingerbread”

    booties  |  0 Commentbooties “gingerbread”

    At the age of 0-3 months, the length of 9 cm (for age 3 - 6 months, length 10 cm) Kind of creativity / technique / style: knitting. Materials: thread of medium thickness (50 g / 130 m) - 3 colors (blue-core, yellow, white), about 1 / 2 blue skein of yarn. Spokes 3.5 mm, a hook, a needle with a wide eyed. Hours: 6 - 8 hours depending on experience. Sole: dial 9 (10) loops of blue thread, provyazat on 2 needles 3 rows in garter st (and in facial and purl

  • Knitting baby shoes tutorial

    booties  |  0 Commentknitting baby shoes tutorial

    length of foot 13cm Scored 38 on the spokes of Work 1 number of loops in the middle of a facial place a marker All knit garter Gain from the second row 4 loops in every second row 2petli at the beginning and end and 2 in the middle, Metal Edge, yo, 17 facial, yo, 2 facial, yo, 17 facial, yo, Metal Edge the following series with the addition of 19 facial, then 21 and so on We add up to 54 loops including the Edge and secondary - is

  • Knitting Baby Booties tutorial

    Knitting  |  0 Commentknitting baby booties tutorial

    Since the Christine's Stay-On Baby Booties came out different colors, I decided to knit a third and see which it matched so at least I'd have a pair.  When I finished the third, I looked at the remaining yarn and thought I just might be able to squeeze out a fourth - so I gave it a try. I also received many comments about the baby booties and one reader - Ruthie - mentioned that she had difficulty with this pattern.  Perhaps a pic-tutorial would help? First step - and this is very important