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  • folding kanzashi tutorial

    Making flower, Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentfolding kanzashi tutorial

    These Tsum kanzashi made ​​from natural silk, but in principle, they can start up the pieces of almost any tissue falling into your hands. I usually use a crepe satin, satin ribbons, organza and nylon. In crepe satin wide range of colors and, therefore, easier to find a certain color, cut squares the size you want on your own - there are no problems with the petals of one color and sizes. It is soft - round petals obtained softer and easier for them to give the desired shape. To create sharp blades

  • KANZASHI by Christina Stoppa: tutorial

    Needle crafts  |  0 Commentkanzashi by christina stoppa: tutorial

  • Kanzashi – Japanese studs

    Making flower, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentkanzashi – japanese studs

    Kanzashi - it's pins and combs, and here they are-and are ornaments that are worn with a kimono. Types kandzashi. Hira-uchi kanzashi (Hira-uchi-Kanzashi): wood (solid or bifurcated) with a flat round ornament Tama kanzashi (Tama-Kanzashi): the most common, are decorated with beads (Tama) Ješić (Yoshichoh): just razdvonnaya stud. The abundance of these rods, made ​​of tortoise-shell - one of the most striking features of the image of melting (Oira), ie, the courtesan class. Not to be confused with geisha! Kushi (Kushi): comb. Can be wooden, tortoise, Mike is decorated with

  • Kanzashi art

    Needle crafts, Quilting  |  0 Commentkanzashi art

    Very interesting ideas (with neta)  

  • Kanzashi of the circles

    Making flower  |  0 Commentkanzashi of the circles

    A huge plus - do not have anything to sear, minus - to cut lines and circles We need to cut some circles out of cardboard with different diameters. How many storeys will the flower, so many clubs we need. Each circle decrease in diameter 1-1,5 cm. I have a flower 3-tiered. Take suitable fabric and cut to 5 circles of each diameter. Take slices of the same diameter. Grab one and add up the four, obtained by a triangle.Stringing him along the edge with small stitches on the