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  • Lanterns glass: candles out of baby jars

    Green crafts, Recycle  |  0 Commentlanterns glass: candles out of baby jars

    street lamp Romantic street lamp Next For a romantic dinner in the open air, you need not only the wine and glasses, but still appropriate lighting. The creative idea of a street lamp from Michelle Kaufmann. You will need: small glass jars (10 pcs.) circular lattice (eg, refrigerator) thick wire thin wire Hooks (1 large and 10 small) chain nippers sand or gravel 10 small candles   Jars and grill must be clean. By necessity wash and dry. Of thick wire to make the mounting fixture: Cut 4 pieces of wire to the desired length,

  • Jar – in the case! tutorial

    Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentjar – in the case! tutorial

    How to sew cap for jar

  • How to make a candlestick of the jar

    Candle, Crochet, Needle crafts, Other crafts  |  0 Commenthow to make a candlestick of the jar

    The most common glass jar, and thread the hook 30 minutes of free time, a little effort and perseverance, and your candle is ready!   Tie 30-40 stitches. Measure the length of the original series and the diameter of the banks. If you want to add or reduce the number of loops (it must be divisible by 4). Next, connect to the ring, 3 abstentions. loops rise, and then the whole series of columns provyazhite with trebles. Further design - 3 + 3 loop lifting column with a double crochets in one loop of

  • Jar candle Holding for Valentine

    Candle, Recycle, Valentine's day  |  0 Commentjar candle holding for valentine

    You'll need: A recycled glass jar (We used a washed out pickle jar) Colored tissue paper Scissors Liquid starch Craft brushes Newspaper A container to hold your liquid starch We began by laying newspapers down across our work area. Liquid starch is just that. Liquid. It's runny and messy - which is half the fun. We took white craft tissue paper and tore it into small squares. 3 inches square or so works well. Under supervision, to make sure that our recycled pickle jar didn't roll right off the table, I had my son lay a piece of

  • Colored salt in a bottle tutorial

    Home decor  |  0 Commentcolored salt in a bottle tutorial

    Decorating colored salt. That's decorated with multicolored jar with salt. This way I became interested and I also decided to try. Need to work fine salt "Extra", gouache paint, jar. Pour a small amount of salt in a jar. Get some paint. Add in salt. Mix well. To obtain a homogeneous mass of color. Put in jars on the paper. Leave to dry. Dye salt may be many flowers. This salt, after drying. In container (bottle, cup) with a funnel to pour the salt layers. The next layer. And so filled to the brim. To the top of the decor, I used a