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  • Kanzashi – Japanese studs

    Making flower, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentkanzashi – japanese studs

    Kanzashi - it's pins and combs, and here they are-and are ornaments that are worn with a kimono. Types kandzashi. Hira-uchi kanzashi (Hira-uchi-Kanzashi): wood (solid or bifurcated) with a flat round ornament Tama kanzashi (Tama-Kanzashi): the most common, are decorated with beads (Tama) Ješić (Yoshichoh): just razdvonnaya stud. The abundance of these rods, made ​​of tortoise-shell - one of the most striking features of the image of melting (Oira), ie, the courtesan class. Not to be confused with geisha! Kushi (Kushi): comb. Can be wooden, tortoise, Mike is decorated with