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  • Homemade Rolls (USA)

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    Author's words: 500 g flour 250 ml milk 20 g fresh yeast 90 g butter 1 egg 1.5 ch.l.soli 1 tsp honey (sugar) vegetable oil 60 g butter, cut into chunks and melt over low heat. A thin stream pour 150 ml of milk, stir and remove from heat, cool. Add slightly beaten egg and mix well. 100 ml of warm milk mixed with honey and crumbled yeast, stir to dissolve yeast. In a bowl sift the flour. Pour a thin stream of milk diluted with yeast to start kneading the dough. Gradually add milk and oil mixture, and salt. Vigorously knead

  • Homemade rolls.

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    Homemade rolls. At the request of many of my bees, I write a post with a detailed recipe for making rolls. I myself was preparing rolls for the first time, but hundreds of times to observe the process, she worked as a cashier in the "Japs." My jobs are just a sushi bar. Never prepared this dish, I already knew many of the nuances of the process. So, tell! Products. Fig . I took a special rice for sushi. Normal kruglozerny rice should not be used because it fall apart and turns into