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  • Jar candle Holding for Valentine

    Candle, Recycle, Valentine's day  |  0 Commentjar candle holding for valentine

    You'll need: A recycled glass jar (We used a washed out pickle jar) Colored tissue paper Scissors Liquid starch Craft brushes Newspaper A container to hold your liquid starch We began by laying newspapers down across our work area. Liquid starch is just that. Liquid. It's runny and messy - which is half the fun. We took white craft tissue paper and tore it into small squares. 3 inches square or so works well. Under supervision, to make sure that our recycled pickle jar didn't roll right off the table, I had my son lay a piece of

  • Recycling plastic bottles: making holding tutorial

    Bags, Recycle  |  0 Commentrecycling plastic bottles: making holding tutorial

    The very first round casket I did in the spring. They gave me a bottle of beer, smooth middle was very narrow, and then went without a diaper mid waist. Bend and flatten the plate pattern did not give, so I thought, but you can not bend it, and left as is. Here's a bottle was really the upper part I had cut. Cut the "zhopku" It turns a round billet, punch make a circle on top and bottom of the hole And I want to give advice when working with Punch, circles Do