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  • Pumpkin for Halloween for children

    Cutting paper, Hallooween's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Origami, Paper crafts  |  0 Commentpumpkin for halloween for children

    small, sweet Pumpkin appeal to any child. For the work you need nothing at all: - Orange kardstok; - A small piece of kraft paper; - 2 Brads, preferably with a longer legs; - Cut the cord; - Some kind of raffia; - Candy or eggs Kinder Surprise; - Tools: punch, scissors and a pencil. Step 1. Make a dense cardboard template of 14 cm in length and about 5 inches wide in the middle. A pattern cut out 6 items from the orange kardstoka. Punch holes to make kontsay petals.  Step 2. From raffia pile laminated bow. I just cut raffia

  • Haunted house for Halloween

    Hallooween's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts  |  0 Commenthaunted house for halloween

  • Pom Pom Pumpkins tutorial

    Hallooween's day, Making toys  |  0 Commentpom pom pumpkins tutorial

    I've had this tutorial saved to feature for quite a while.  Since I didn't get it posted before Halloween, I've debated about still sharing it, and I finally concluded that pumpkins are a general fall craft and would look so cute with my Thanksgiving decor. So here are the adorable pom pom pumpkins made by Domestifluff: I first made these pom pom pumpkins last year when I did the flowers, but by the time I posted the pom pom flower tutorial I felt that it was probably too late in the season for the

  • Aqua gem Halloween fun tutorial

    Hallooween's day, Making toys  |  0 Commentaqua gem halloween fun tutorial

    Aqua gem Halloween fun tutorial Add water and they start expanding!  I ended up filling about six good sized jars with two little bags. The longer they sit in water the larger they get...up to 1/2 inch in size. The best part is.. the color won't bleed.  Say....if your 3 year old knocks them over...all you have to clean up is water and a gazillion balls! :) We decided to fill our vases with scary little plastic creatures.  My boys were in heaven! They thought this was the "coolest" craft we have ever made!? They couldn't

  • Sunflower ribbon tutorial

    Cards, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower  |  0 Commentsunflower ribbon tutorial

    Sunflower ribbon tutorial Nicole and I got carried away with Halloween crafts yesterday.  We have so much fun working together.  My hands are stained with black spray paint and Nicole has several blisters from the glue gun! We have some cute ideas but need to finish completing them. Before the Halloween projects start, I wanted to craft something with sunflowers.  I see them popping up all over town, and I love sunflowers. I made these using the burning technique that is so popular. I used a mix of satin and organza. I cut circles in different sizes and