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  • Device for styling hair: crochet pattern

    Crochet, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentdevice for styling hair: crochet pattern

    Materials: yarn, cotton knitting (IRIS), crochet hook (1.0 mm) beads with large hole (can be beads, sequins, etc.), copper wire (thick enough). Hours: 1-2 days Complexity: 2 Legend: EP - air loop, PSN - polustolbik with trebles (yo provyazyvaetsya directly into a reception with the loop), CH - stacked with trebles (normal), CH (2) - column with dvumyanakidami, CH (3) - stolbk with three trebles. Such a device for styling hair before - 15 years ago, sold in stores. But it was made of cloth, and because of the use therein of aluminum wire fast