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  • Crafty jewelry: Braiding pigtails of the tapes on the necklace “Green Dragon”

    Jewelry making, Sewing  |  0 Commentcrafty jewelry: braiding pigtails of the tapes on the necklace “green dragon”

      DaleeMaterialy for: 1. Three tapes of different colors (to make it clear), necessarily of equal width 2. Beads 3. Needle and cotton Take three tapes, each edge of the fused cigarette lighter (not a match, because any fluctuation of air can burn the tape ..). Ribbons are added at each other and pierced the bottom with a needle. Sit down on the needle bead. Then take in hand the very bottom of the tape, just turn away and stick to the needle. Put on the next bead, again, take the lower band (yellow), just turn on itself and pushed onto the