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    Fashion, Other crafts  |  0 Commentarchitect fashion shoes

    Romanian designer Mihai Albu (Mihai Albu), known for its breakneck heels and platforms, has offered an ingenious new solution to build high shoes: Shoes architect built high-rises of shoe lasts, possessor raising to the skies .  Shoes heels height of 12 inches - which is about 30 cm - all skate designer. "High heels, of course, gives women an advantage - says the designer. - Because not everyone can boast of long legs." In an effort to "elevate" a woman Albu outdid himself Louboutin - the year before, this well-known for its heels

  • Sculptures of shoes from Gwen Murphy.

    Fashion, Funny, Other crafts  |  0 Commentsculptures of shoes from gwen murphy.

    Sculptures Gwen Murphy All women love shoes, choosing to everyone along the right fit. Gwen Murphy (Gwen Murphy) - is no exception, so only her love has a somewhat different character. Collecting shoes, sneakers and shoes, our heroine gives them new life, transforming an ordinary shoes in unusual works of art. Each pair of shoes has its own character When Gwen Murphy was a little girl, she always felt that looking at her shoes, each pair has its own character and individuality.Depending on the model and the degree of deterioration of some shoes looked sleepy,