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  • Food gift: Houses, night-lights

    Cake, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Recipes  |  0 Commentfood gift: houses, night-lights

    The author of this miracle, Elena   The design of this house, a lamp was prompted by photographs of the old English houses, such cozy and fabulous at the same time, and equipment - miniskulpturami of Lilliput Lane, which makes copies of actual buildings. If earlier in the manufacture of houses I used different materials - seaweed as trees, mounting peny, stones, this time the house, stand, flowers, I did (for the "usability" - because eventually, the dust from it will wipe out the ceramic material Keraplast. The size of

  • Food gift

    Needle crafts  |  0 Commentfood gift

    Simple, delicious and beautiful side dish ... potatoes (by persons and preferably washed ...) garlic dill parsley pepper kr.struchkovy Salt (to taste all of) Incision 2-4 mm thick potato is not the end, but so that she could turn a fan. Cut the garlic, herbs and pepper.Solim. Pour rast.maslom.Stir. We spread the potatoes into shape and stuffed with the mixture. Pour a little oil on top and in the oven ... 200 ° C and 1 hour bake ... Why not shalt deliver - all will be delicious ...

  • Food gift: Rose potato

    Carving fruit, Cooking, Recipes  |  0 Commentfood gift: rose potato

      My potatoes and cut off from a thin (about a millimeter thick) plate.It is desirable that plastinik were similar in thickness over the entire plane.Also cut off a little "stick"."Stick" will serve as a bud. The thinner the "petals", the easier it is their turn.So what if there is a special grater for vegetables, use it. Take the "stick" and wrap it "petal". Then take another "petal" and tighten it to the other side.Similarly cheat third petal. Each subsequent "petal" should be slightly higher than the previous mid-to sinking inside.Otherwise, instead of roses