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  • Let’s put children and arrange a tea party!

    Cards, Origami, Paper crafts, Scrapbooking  |  0 Commentlet’s put children and arrange a tea party!

    Difficulty Level (*) Materials: 1. Vellum or parchment bumga. 2. Punch for the round hole. 3. Tape 4. Scissors. 5. Candy. 6. Sided sticky tape. 7. Tea bag. 8. Good mood))) 22h15 take tracing paper size, see Fold it with one hand on the 4,5 cm Fold the other hand, too, at 4.5 cm Now make the folds as shown. It turns out bag. With the help of the composter punch. Put in a bag of candy. Tying a bow bag. Do not forget a nice picture))) Where do I get? We took care of it))) Template for a holiday tea! This template will help in the design of tea bags. Simply cut out the picture and glue it with bilateral adhesive

  • folding kanzashi tutorial

    Making flower, Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentfolding kanzashi tutorial

    These Tsum kanzashi made ​​from natural silk, but in principle, they can start up the pieces of almost any tissue falling into your hands. I usually use a crepe satin, satin ribbons, organza and nylon. In crepe satin wide range of colors and, therefore, easier to find a certain color, cut squares the size you want on your own - there are no problems with the petals of one color and sizes. It is soft - round petals obtained softer and easier for them to give the desired shape. To create sharp blades

  • Making a box for gift tutorial

    Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentmaking a box for gift tutorial

    The idea of ​​such boxes is not new and I do not claim copyrights. Such boxes for gifts, I saw many foreign masters and decided to try to do too similar. For the manufacture of such boxes we potrebuyutya following materials and tools: paper - it can be paper, watercolors, pastels, dense skrapbumaga - one condition she must not be too hard or too thin, in my example, I use a sheet of A4 paper if you use scrap paper size 30 * 30, then the top and bottom need to make indents

  • Making a stencil for the boxes tutorial

    Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentmaking a stencil for the boxes tutorial

    After the eye came across an article on making boxes, I saw them live at the store, wondered how to get the template, because that is what was presented in the store was expensive and was very limited in size.Thus, for this we need: Paper, from which you will make a box, a blank sheet of paper (A4), compasses, scissors, ruler and a writing instrument. In this case I did on milimitrovke and drew a stick, but in life you can use a pen or a book filled with tools for stamping,