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Keywords: flower made of seashell

  • Recycling ideas: recycling seashell, Amazing work

    Green crafts, Recycle  |  0 Commentrecycling ideas: recycling seashell, amazing work

    wonderful work! White Rose (detail) Description: shells, tails of fishes.Only a bee finds concealed in a flower sweet, Only an artist at all feels wonderful trail. Athanasius Fet Lamp Description: Shells, bottle glass processed sea Chestnut White Roses Rosa Description: shells, bones of fish Roses Rosebud Description: Fragment kartiny.Rakushka cone. Daisies Description: shells, tails from the fish Collage Description: Shellfish, fish tails from the Digitalis Pearl flower Description: Shells, grenades, pearls, amber Hortense, the fragment patterns Hydrangea Hydrangea MUSIC: Ensemble "Crystal Harmony" (musical ensemble, performing music on the glass) - L. Boccherini "Menuet."