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  • Flowers for mothers: DECOR OF FLOWERS

    Needle crafts  |  0 Commentflowers for mothers: decor of flowers

    How to dry flowers To a dried flower petals are not broken up, choose to zasushivaniya just blooming specimens. Dried flowers in a well ventilated area, hanging their heads down. Usually they are associated in bundles and are arranged to the flowers away from direct sunlight (otherwise bright colors fade.) To cereals became dazzling white, dry them in the sun. If you need no volume, flat flowers and songs for a glass - use the principle of the herbarium.Dry the plants between the pages of a thick book The components of "winter" of the bouquet:

  • Valentine flowers and gifts

    Flower arrangement, Other crafts  |  0 Commentvalentine flowers and gifts

    bouquet Teacher's Day is approaching - the professional holiday of people who have a huge amount of mental effort and time are committed to our children.Of course, I want to thank them for that gratitude and give something very pleasant and unforgettable.You can simply present a bouquet of flowers - it's certainly a nice gift, but they will hardly impress the teacher.We offer you a much more interesting option: an unusual composition "horn", which will appeal to any teacher, and take its rightful place among his gifts. So, we need to

  • Spectacular gift

    Flower arrangement, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Other crafts  |  0 Commentspectacular gift

    Who said that cloves - these delightful flowers with wonderful slightly spicy aroma - given only to veterans on Victory Day. Of these resistant colors can be beautiful floral arrangements. Nice advantage is low cost and a flower. For the production of the original "clove" candy hearts with a pleasant surprise you will need: disbud red carnations (minimum 15 pieces), floral tape, "Encore", floral thick colored aluminum wire, scissors, decorative textiles and plastic tape, a pair of artificial feather butterflies on wire , candy, "Raffaello". (Fig. 1) Gather the studs

  • Cheerful pot of tack as a gift to March 8. Decor

    Flower arrangement, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Other crafts  |  0 Commentcheerful pot of tack as a gift to march 8. decor

    Remember the fairy tale in which the sentenced "pot, boil? Our today's article about the pot from a fairy tale in which you want to impose "a pot, the color!" Such an unusual and very fun track easy to do, for example, dad with children as a gift to my mother on March 8 or for Valentine's Day. Work on this flower - a kitchen masterpiece will bring much joy, do not require special material costs. For the work we need:   yellow spray chrysanthemums (approximately five branches), fern Nephrolepis, twig bupleruma, small plastic pots, one kitchen towel, and two pot holders, three

  • Handbag of the flowers

    Flower arrangement, Other crafts  |  0 Commenthandbag of the flowers

    Most likely, when buying bouquets in connection with an important event or for a loved one you are trying to make an unusual composition - in fact bundles of roses and assorted flowers in stiff paper long "pall."Passion.ru with Florist.ru present a master class with advice how to make a bunch of non-trivial with their hands. But what if you find a little time and make a really unusual composition of the colors? We believe such a "floral gift" you will not find nobody else! Another advantage of this composition -