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  • Pickling mackerel

    Recipes  |  0 Commentpickling mackerel

    Fish and moreprobukty adore any and in any form, but their marinated mackerel did not change anything (except that on a good kusochik salmon). Tried to marinate different fish, but mackerel graduates klass.Itak, the entry is complete, now for the cause! Take 3shtuchki frozen mackerel, my, clean and cut to behold such kusochki.Glavnoe in this case, not to give fish defrosted, all manipulations with the conduct of frozen mackerel! Clean and cut 3 onions and 3 zubochka garlic. Mackerel, Luchek chesnochek and put it in a bowl, dobavlyaem1 teaspoon sugar, 1 tablespoon of


    Cake, Recipes  |  0 Commentfish in cheese souffle

                              Very interesting, delicious dishes, ennobles even the most simple fish. 500gr.-fish fillets (I took a perch) 5 eggs 150gr.-cheese (hard) or flour breading salt spice fish Cut into pieces, roll in crumbs or flour, salt, popepchit (add spices if you like) lightly fried in vegetable oil. Beat eggs, add grated cheese in them. Protven fish to put on, pour the cheese on top-egg mass. Bake for 30 40min.pri temperature of 180 = 200g. Bon appetit!!  

  • Fish made of copper tutorial

    Other crafts  |  0 Commentfish made of copper tutorial

    - Paper and pencil for layout; - A few beads. 1. Choose the form of fish. 2. Design elements (or use ours). 3. Pliers bend or tonkogubtsami the fish from the thick wire. All the ends of the thick wire spinning spirals (rings) for beauty and safety. as follows: or so: or otherwise 4. Combine individual frame members fish in the contact points between the thin wire (shown in red). Check whether the plane got the product, gently straighten out if it is not quite flat 5. Stroke resulting fish on paper, remove the wire cage while. 6. Back and

  • Fish from salted dough

    Clay  |  0 Commentfish from salted dough

    3. beginning. pancake 4. two fingers, you can turn, I made two since fotkala), do a ponytail and finlets 5. like this, then We correct irregularities 6. doing the opposite end of the mouth brushes I have different fish to be one of the two MC turned out) from other fish sausage roll and glue onto the base dampen 7. 8. line of an edge do a ponytail and finlets 9. Eyes 10. 11. pupils back of the brush This fish wants to be painted, so with her until all postponed and decoration, I will show to the other fish 12. cap on the pen is forced such