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  • Gift presents: bow tie tutorial

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    Little Bow Tie Tutorial Don't you just love a little kid in a bow tie? I've been trying so hard to think of projects that we can do for the little men in our lives, but it's tough to do! They just can't accessorize the way our little ladies can. But a bow tie is very cute on a little gentleman, and it's quite couture on little girls, as well! This is so easy to make, you're going to want to make one in every fabric! Just cut out your fabric; (This will make a

  • Fabric Rose

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  • Flowers for valentines

    Holiday & seasonal crafts, Needle crafts, Sewing, Valentine's day  |  0 Commentflowers for valentines

    An element of decoration in their collections are used by many designers. 's found a source, though in English, but understood that to be cut out roses slash inlay, at least 2 cm in width, length depends on the intended area of the flower. Sew inlay around with legs for concealed zippers. The ideas of

  • Silk rose to make

    Making flower, Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentsilk rose to make

    Roses in organza.   Materials Rainbow Organza Method of manufacture Cut out to slash the size of five parts - 10cm * 12cm 1shtuka (it's the middle of the bud), 10cm * 15cm 2 pieces, 10cm * 18cm 2shtuki. Fold in two sides with dimensions of 10 cm, obtained by the size of 5cm * 12cm, 5cm * 15cm, 5cm * 18cm and cuts corners. Needle through the edge of each part separately collect and tightens the thread to the light assembly. The smallest detail of spinning, a pair of anchoring stitches. To her sew the other details.  

  • Decorations from fabric roses

    Making flower, Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentdecorations from fabric roses

  • Soft rose fabric tutorial

    Making flower  |  0 Commentsoft rose fabric tutorial

    Flowers from untreated tissue did not crumple, not rustle like paper, look like a body and style. At a rosette to make squares of fabric (no fabric is processed): 5 units - 5 * 5cm, pack of 5 - 7 * 7cm, pack of 5 - 10 x 10 cm Plus 3 squares 10 * 10 on the leaves. Number of petals can vary depending on the desired size. I do petals are always bigger, because somewhere in increasing the number of lepetkov in a row or doing bud. Petals . Each