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  • Decoring bottle fabric decoupage tutorial

    Other crafts  |  0 Commentdecoring bottle fabric decoupage tutorial

    So we need: 1. bottle 2.kley PVA 3. h.b. tissue (I took a T-shirt) 4. small capacity for soaking fabric in the glue 5. the fragment napkins 6. acrylic paint 7. acrylic lacquer 8. contour gold 9. placer glitter (gold hologram) Actually, the process itself: 1. We cut our T-shirt into rectangles. I had a rectangle about 30 x 20 (very roughly) 2. in a bowl put a little fabric, fill it with glue so that the adhesive coated fabric. Then hand Mnemonic cloth to completely saturate it with glue. Pressing. 3. take the bottle and prepared by applying, begin dropirovat fabric as