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  • Easy summer dress

    Dress, Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commenteasy summer dress

    Easy, beautiful and fashionable with the various shades and tones of the dress. Can be worn as night and day to day as a bright sunny day. Chiffon fabric in different colors and shades better with all sorts of colorful patterns. The lining should follow the form and made of a material stage-atlas. Under this scheme can easily construct a leisurely pattern of dense or medium-sized construction paper pattern, transfer to the fabric then sew pre-cut parts of sour cream and trying on them to fit on its own. At the seams leaving five millimeters. in

  • A Rose Bud Christmas Tree tutorial

    Christmas's day, Cutting paper, Making cards, Making flower  |  0 Commenta rose bud christmas tree tutorial

    Then I used my embossing stylus (but anything long and skinny like a skewer would work) and I started at the end and started rolling up the spiral. When you get it all finished it looks like a really tight rose bud.  You can glue it like that or I let go to loosen it up a bit. Then just put some glue on the bottom to hold it all together. After you get all your roses complete call in your favorite 5 year old helper to give you a hand. Then just start gluing away.