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  • Bead Easter chickens tutorial

    Easter's day, Other  |  0 Commentbead easter chickens tutorial

    This is my first masterclass in the art of weaving a mosaic. I hope you enjoy! Materials and tools: 1. Beads. The chicken: yellow, orange, black. On the chocolate hare: chocolate, dark chocolate, white, black. 2. Small white sequins. 3. Super-thread. 4. Needle for beads. 5. Holofayber (gasket). Cut the thread length of approximately 2 m. Secures the first bead. Dress has 3 and closed in the ring. The technique of mosaic weaving whips the second row. Dressing up, the last bead the second row, skipping the needle through the two beads (at the end of each row skipping the