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  • Natural decor pillows

    Needle crafts, Other crafts, Painting, Pillows, Sewing  |  0 Commentnatural decor pillows

      Designer Lotta Helberg decorate cushions, not something else, but these plants! She dips, say maple leaf in the paint and then makes a mark on the cotton fabric from which the sewn pillowcases. Due to this fact, a beautiful natural décor pillows - they adorn images of leaves of different species, and sprigs of herbs, and even tree branches. Frankly, the idea of ​​decor I liked it. This way you can even make a picture - with prints of different sheets and twigs. And you can put these images on your clothes, say a shirt

  • Dyeing with coffee

    Other crafts  |  0 Commentdyeing with coffee

    Dyeing with instant coffee Denim solid light beige to buy is difficult. And it often happens that it is urgently needed, and the store does not.Painted fabric with coffee is simple enough, but weave such a web is desirable souvenirs and interior toys, which usually does not erase: coffee gives a very nice color, but not very stain resistant. 1. Take a white calico, cotton, coffee, fit any brand, and salt. For dyeing fabrics of a width of 1 meter 1,5 meters is enough 25 - 30 grams of coffee, 1

  • How to make paper iris

    Cutting paper, Making flower, Other crafts, Painting, Paper crafts  |  0 Commenthow to make paper iris

    You will need: - 1 tbsp gelatin - Scrap of natural white crepe de chine. - A piece of aluminum wire thickness of about 4 mm, length 30 - 40 cm - A thin wire - Crepe paper - A piece of artificial fur or yarn, or satin ribbon (yellow) - to give a "shaggy" petals - A piece of cheesecloth or thin cotton cloth to handle the petals. - Paint for Fabric - PVA glue - Brushes - Utensils for Paint Soak 1 tbsp. spoonful of gelatin in a glass of cold water and leave for 2-3 hours. When gelatin