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  • Book: Salt dough for beginners.

    Books, Cake, Clay, Making toys, Other crafts  |  0 Commentbook: salt dough for beginners.


  • Home-made plastic-porcelain tutorial

    Recipes  |  0 Commenthome-made plastic-porcelain tutorial

      Manufacturing mass Cold Porcelain We need: 1.Krahmal corn --- 1, Part 5 (He has more white than potato) 2.Kley PVA ---- Part 1 3.Glitserin (available in pharmacies) --- 1 tbsp. spoon 4.Krem type Nivea ---- 1 tbsp. spoon 5.Voda---- 1 / 3 of         All good mix and put on a plate   Stirring constantly and otskrebaya wait until the bottom of the education world We spread a lot on the table, sprinkle starch begin vymeshivat, like dough. (Caution: Hot!)   We get here is testo.Ono should not strongly

  • Wall dough picture tutorial

    Other crafts  |  0 Commentwall dough picture tutorial

    Today I want to show how I'm doing plaster casting plant by means of plasticine.   For this method suitable plants with a solid relief stem, convex leaves and inflorescences. Not turned off casts tonkolistnyh flowers, plants with watery stems. We need the following materials: gypsum or alabaster, sculptured clay, rolling pin, tape, tweezers, a piece of wire and fresh plants. I use plasticine skulptrny soft, flesh-colored. There is a solid grade, but promyat it will be a whole problem. Since the day when I did this MK was cold weather, even the

  • Daisies of salty testa tutorial

    Cake  |  0 Commentdaisies of salty testa tutorial

    Make a small flat circle of dough ball 3. Then nail scissors "Chicano" on all sides by petals 4. Then the thumb and index finger of his right hand missing "square" tab and gently compress, giving form. This procedure is conducted with all petals 5. Here's what happened ... 6. Well, now do a toothpick prozhilochki ... 7. Be laid flowers at the place, pre-moistened with water, and presses the back of the brush or other mild Subject 8. Now turn serdtsevinki 9. 10. It also gently press down slightly 11. 12. And now "generation" it with a toothpick.