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Keywords: decor tutorial

  • Gifts champagne: decor tutorial

    Holiday & seasonal crafts, Painting  |  0 Commentgifts champagne: decor tutorial

    DECOR BOTTLE ... step by step ... http://gallery.ru/watch?a=GV9-fLyh

  • Lamp decor tutorial

    Home and garden, Home decor  |  0 Commentlamp decor tutorial

    Landscape city at night in your shade.     Refine your desk lamp shade can be different - it is possible not only to the replacement lamp shade, and vice versa, simply gluing a couple of additional details.   That's kind of our table lamp to rework.     We need: Shade. Clippings from magazines, silhouettes that you would like to see on the lampshade. Black cardboard. Pencil, PVA glue, scissors.     Cut from magazines liked drawing (we kind of night Chicago as a desk lamp in the bedroom, the kind of night city will be alive). With a pencil, transfer the contours of the

  • Decor fabrics: sewing leaves for decor tutorial

    Making flower, Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentdecor fabrics: sewing leaves for decor tutorial

    1. 2. Cut strips of organza, here the size of 0.08shir.na 0.70dl.Vy can experiment ... 3. Fold in half cloth and prisobiraem on a thread ... 4. Prisborivaem and tightens the thread ... 5. Spun yarn and strengthen the base and at the end of burning candles on the ends of the solder quickly ..