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Keywords: Cyclamen flower

  • Beading Cyclamen

    Beading and knotting, Making flower  |  0 Commentbeading cyclamen

    Cyclamen from Olga. Job Description: List: These photos were taken near the line to have an idea of ​​size. Mid-sheet consists of a 7-eyelets - 1 large, 4 medium and 2 small. Small located between the middle. The coil of wire (I 0,35 mm - but tougher) gaining a lot of green beads. a). Big Collar - measured 21 beads and 20 cm twists neatly around 4,5-5 cm wire (Fig. 1), now reckon another 21 beads (Fig. 1a) and a torsional 2-3 times to have not broken beads. Cut the wire from the coil (Fig. 2) b).