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  • Food gifts: Curd envelope

    Needle crafts  |  0 Commentfood gifts: curd envelope

    Dough: 1ch.l salt 1 pack of vanilla sugar 250 g cottage cheese 12 tbsp milk 5 tbsp icing sugar 1pachku lemon zest 2 eggs 12st.l vegetable oil 600g flour 2 packs of baking powder of these ingredients make a dough and put into the refrigerator Filling: 500g cottage cheese 2 eggs 1pachku vanilla sugar 60g raisins 100g butter or margarine 120g sugar (can be more or less on your taste) 2st.l starch Beat butter well with sugar add the eggs beaten Add everything else mix well piece of dough roll cut squares boxes filled with stuffed such envelopes so blind add to envelopes per sheet.paper and grease the egg Bake