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  • Recycling plastic bottle: kids craft ideas

    Crochet, Green crafts, Recycle  |  0 Commentrecycling plastic bottle: kids craft ideas

    Crochet phonebag and camera bag with plastic

  • Soft christmas tree: crochet tutorial

    Amirugumi, Christmas's day, Crochet, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Needle crafts  |  2 Commentssoft christmas tree: crochet tutorial

    New Year approaching, and with him his pleasant chores. So many questions, ranging from "What to give?" and ending with "What is to decorate a Christmas tree?".   Today we will make a soft Christmas tree that can be and put on the table as an ornament and hung on a tree.       Materials: • remnants of thread, match the color. We took the green threads 3 shades of red with glitter, brown. • hook of appropriate size. • packing white beads. • needle and thin thread of tone. • soft filler for pillows. • "Golden" waxed thread.       Getting Started: And the base tree with

  • African earrings – Crochet tutorial

    Crochet, Jewelry making, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentafrican earrings – crochet tutorial

    Today we offer you to create yourself a new fixture - the so-called African earrings! They are knitted very quickly and easily. And most importantly - earrings perfectly fit in your beach wardrobe.         So, get started!     We need: remnants of cotton thread, round blanks for earrings 22 buttons fastener, Pliers.     Step 1: Orange thread binds the basis of next sc. Step 2: The second row of sc knit scheme * 1 sc, 1 sc with a button (repeat until the end of the series).     With Pliers bend the ring fastener, thread it through the loop on and bend to its initial position.African

  • Angels crochet tutorial

    Amirugumi, Christmas's day  |  0 Commentangels crochet tutorial

    Size - about 18 cm Materials and tools: Threads can be any, because starching not required (in my version of the Turkish acrylic yarn "etamin"), for wings and a bell Turkish iris lurex, a small piece of foam rubber, tolsch.10 mm, slightly synthetic filler for the head and trunk, a piece of cardboard for the base, a small piece of tissue for cone and a base, a hook under the thickness of thread, small beads or large beads for jewelry (in my version of Czech glass beads). Symbols: B - air loop sc -

  • Sexy pillow tutorial!

    Amirugumi, Crochet  |  0 Commentsexy pillow tutorial!

    1. Knit own pillow. Exact name of matings did not know, it seems, the British band - one loop is removed (train before the loop), we obtain a double blade. 2. Begin to knit the chest. Right. Or left:) 3. Then begin to diminish. In my case, a chain of 70 loops. 4. a total of 18 series, now diminishes every 5 loop. One chest is ready! 5. Similarly, starting the second .... 6. Both chest fills (what a horror ...) and sew. After that fills the pillow. In my case - hollofayber

  • Tiger Crochet tutorial

    Amirugumi  |  0 Commenttiger crochet tutorial

    To and settled in your home a symbol of the coming year, you will need: Yarn-orange, black and white colors (I have the cheapest acrylic); -Hook № 3; Beads-black color to the eye (I had white, which I painted with acrylic paint in black); -Needle stitching details and embroidery slips; -Wool for padding. Description of knitting. Torso. 3 ce wink of the ring; 1r.-6 st.b.n.; 2r.-to 2 st.b.n. in each loop of the previous row; 3r.-1st.b.n.; 2st.b.n. in one loop - alternate; 4r.-on 1st.b.n. in each loop of the previous row; 5r.-2st.b.n.; 2st.b.n. in one loop - alternate; 6p .- on 1st.b.n. in each

  • “Strawberry” cap crochet tutorial

    Hat  |  0 Comment“strawberry” cap crochet tutorial

    Oh, and promised a master class on her knitting! Let's start! We need: yarn in white, red and green (I have a Turkish-baby, firm YanArt "), the hook number 3 and a bit of cotton wool for stuffing berries! To begin with knit caps on the bottom of the following description: Typed 5 ce and encloses them in the ring. Every next series begins with 3-ce and close the conn. n. 1st row: 10 columns with 1 trebles. 2nd series: 20 columns with 1 double crochets every 4th column - relief. 3rd series: 30 columns