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Keywords: crochet daisy

  • Riding Hood “Daisy”

    Baby, Crochet, Hat, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentriding hood “daisy”

    To take the cap: -Yarn: - Hooks № 1,6 and 2. - Satin Ribbon - Beads. The choice of yarn is not accidental, since the dense "Lotus" gets "persistent" nemnuschiesya flowers and leaves, ie cap retains an attractive appearance. Starch or gelatin-processing is required. Bottom of a knit for the scheme. The grid is very good stretches, so the diameter of the bottom of panamki can be safely reduced by 1-2 cm This scheme (17 cm in diameter) is designed to r.54. Further increases of knit mesh without. Bottom cap binds near ST BN., Then the scheme: Do not forget to change the