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  • Crochet for summer

    Crochet, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentcrochet for summer

    Bustier A long time like this bustier, a great idea for a swimsuit or top of the top.   Each cup consists of 3 squares, crocheted. Fit in a square like this: 1 row: 6 stitches to close the ring, 2, the series: 3 air loop for lifting a column with trebles by chain stitches, 1 air loop - repeat 12 times. 3 rd row: 3 air loop for lifting, * 1 "knobble, 2 air loop, 1" knobble, 3 overhead loop, a column with 2 nakidami, 3 air loop, 1 "knobble, 2 *- air loop between Asterisks