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  • Flower photo wallpapers in the interior

    Home and garden, Home decor, Other crafts, Painting  |  0 Commentflower photo wallpapers in the interior

    Gone are the days when photo-wallpaper regarded as a sign of a little primitive taste. With the development of digital technologies, they have a completely different look and quality, and therefore came to the peak of fashion. Image brightness is different, and incredibly clear grafikoy.Bumaga as the basis for print is gone, and she to be replaced by synthetic canvas - strong, color fastness, and sometimes - washable. Surface photo-wallpaper can be matte, glossy, satin and even an imitation of some textures - plaster, sand, silk, lna.Syuzhety photo-wallpaper amazing variety, so it is

  • Charm of the black cardboard. Paper art by Joe Bagley (Joe Bagley)

    Cutting paper, Green crafts, Kirigami, Paper crafts, Recycle  |  0 Commentcharm of the black cardboard. paper art by joe bagley (joe bagley)

    Despite the fact that Joe Bagley archaeologist by training, he decided to devote himself does not specifically written in the diploma, and hobbies, who devoted all his spare time. Now the young man spends his free time on something else, as a hobby has become a favorite work, which brings not only pleasure but also a lot of money. And it creates these exquisite silhouettes, just armed with scissors and black paper :-)  

  • Painting with mouth!!!

    Other crafts, Painting  |  0 Commentpainting with mouth!!!

    At the age of 4 years of Huang Guofu lost both arms due to a strong electric shock. However, he realized his dream at the age of 12 years, he began to paint with his feet. In 18 years, the young man began to sell his paintings to help seriously ill father. And also continued to master the fine arts in new technology - through the mouth. An example worthy of emulation and respect, as well as the beacon for the desperate. Everything can be overcome and build not only a beautiful world but the world, inspiring