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Keywords: Creative floristry

  • Recycling leaves: Living wardrobe from Nicole Dekstras. Creative floristry

    Green crafts, Recycle  |  0 Commentrecycling leaves: living wardrobe from nicole dekstras. creative floristry

    Fruits, flowers and leaves in the hands of Nicole Dekstras turn into amazing outfits project Weedrobes (garments of weeds) is not attracting the attention of eco-friendly fashion. Weedrobes started at 2005m was an experiment to create clothing from leaves and flowers. Now it is a whole series of different outfits. Age exhibits short-lived, but they manage to perform its functions: to attract attention of passers in the street demonstrations at exhibitions and natural withering "sculptures" in the garden and return back - in the bosom of nature. Materials are used the most varied and unexpected: the