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  • Accessories for hair: infant hair clippie Instructions

    Making flower, Sewing  |  0 Commentaccessories for hair: infant hair clippie instructions

    How to make Infant hair clippie   Things needed: 3/8 Grosgrain ribbon, Alligator clip, hot glue. Start: 1.Cut three strips of 3/8 inch ribbon 4.5 inches 4 inches and 1 inch long and heatseal the ends. 2.Line your alligator clip using the 4.5inch strip.(partial takes 4.5 inches and fully lined takes 7 inches ribbon). 3.Take the 4 inch strip glue the ends together and make it like a circle. Then press the center and glue inbetween the ribbon.Now it looks like a tie bow. 4. Glue the tie bow on top of the alligator clip. 5. Use the third

  • folding kanzashi tutorial

    Making flower, Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentfolding kanzashi tutorial

    These Tsum kanzashi made ​​from natural silk, but in principle, they can start up the pieces of almost any tissue falling into your hands. I usually use a crepe satin, satin ribbons, organza and nylon. In crepe satin wide range of colors and, therefore, easier to find a certain color, cut squares the size you want on your own - there are no problems with the petals of one color and sizes. It is soft - round petals obtained softer and easier for them to give the desired shape. To create sharp blades