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  • Girl Fashion

    Knitting, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentgirl fashion

    Pullover pattern "Asiatic spike" Pattern "Asiatic spike" and run it step by step instructions Number of loops of type-setting number of the length of the main fabric pullover should be: 6. Crom. loops are included in this number, not specifically recruit 1p-6 persons, no further elm., Turn work 2p-6 izn So just to knit these 6 pet.Vsego 10 lines 11r.-knit these 6 § and 3 § lits.Dalshe not elm., Turn work B. 12-6 izn.Rabotu povernut.Vyazat only 10 p. in these 6 loops. So knit 10 rows for every 6 loops, taking the 3