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  • Cozy slippers crochet

    Baby, Booties, Crochet, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentcozy slippers crochet

    I saw on bebibloge charming slippers and could not pass. I hasten to share with you a description. The author of such beauty Olyushka of Helsinki, Finland.     Symbols: VP - Air loop Sc - column without nakida PRS - stacked with trebles PRSPs - polustolbik with trebles Knitting sole Hook № 3.2, slippers around the 38 size. Basis for Olga took here this scheme, can someone be easier to understand than a verbal description. 33 CAP, 1 CAP recovery. 1 lap 31 sc, 4SBN last air loop (toe), 31SBN, 4SBN the last loop (heel) Two terms of 15 sc, 3 PRSPs, 13 CCH, 2