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  • Arm candies tutorial

    Needle crafts  |  0 Commentarm candies tutorial

    Taking the lanyard from summer camp to resort collection! inspiration&realisation Those are so perfect for summer that I might keep them on until the fall... I don't even care if they'll leave a tan mark on my wrists! --> much needed ingredients * for a 6 1/4" lanyard (i'm not measuring the clasp) you need 5 ft of rope in two different colors (of course if you'll use thicker or thiner rope will make a difference, so give it a try first!) * one big clasp * one ring * some flame --> make it! * I start the first

  • Methods of weaving cords

    Knotting, Other crafts  |  0 Commentmethods of weaving cords

    And that's what she wrote - Inspired me to write this post buy "technically complex engineering devices for weaving cords:).I'm not one month, looked at him in the shop and everything could not grasp what it is ...Particularly alarmed image is not it a strange face ... :)     It turned out that with this thing, you can quickly weave a very interesting shnurochek (gizmo, by the way, you can easily make-shift, but more on that below). With this device, we will weave only one lace, for the remaining four will need

  • Round cord tutorial

    Knitting, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentround cord tutorial

    ound cord can be connected to the spokes. I was knitting for three or four loops of stocking stitch. Mating begins to curl around the edges and turns as it were lead, but he's got a cut and it can be deployed in the stripes. However, this often enough. And here is a clever way to knit one-piece cord.     Mandatory condition: Need for short needles for sock knitting, sharp on both sides. Step One Dial the desired number of loops and move the loop from the left end of the spokes to the right