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  • 101 decorative pillow: ideas for creative

    Needle crafts  |  0 Comment101 decorative pillow: ideas for creative

    Part 1 - Subjects Most furniture items for the house can safely be classified as merely pleasant to view. And few can boast that they are not only beautiful but also incredibly comfortable. Because comfort - one of the most important qualities for us, is not it? Perhaps the absolute leader in the "beautiful + comfortable" - decorative pillows. They make us happy, not only visually, but also an opportunity to get a sofa, chair or bed with maximum comfort. Sofas and chairs shall not accept a furniture and requires considerable

  • update furniture and decor – 25 colorful ideas

    Home and garden, Home decor  |  0 Commentupdate furniture and decor – 25 colorful ideas

    Idea to update the furniture was not born yesterday. But today - it's a great option for creative people who want to have houses original objects, which are not found in any store. This is an interesting process and a spectacular result. Incidentally, trendy-chic style shebbi born that way: an enterprising lady Rachel Ashwel made a name and a good capital that restore old pieces of furniture while preserving the style and spirit of the time. But you can recover and inexpensive things. More precisely - "update", giving them a new