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  • Crafty jewelry: Embroider decorative item of clothing

    Bead embroidery, Embroidery, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentcrafty jewelry: embroider decorative item of clothing

    Author- Beauty Shop Learn to embroider   1. For the work we need: A piece of denim fabric, beads of various sizes and colors, matte and glossy, beads, crystals, thread and needle. You can also use any of the little things that are at hand: satin ribbons, buttons, etc. .. 2. Put a piece of denim lighter side to me:   3. Draw in pencil any figure you want to embroider. In my case it's a butterfly. But in general it can be anything: flower, sun, random designs, etc.     4. Bead in an office image, and then inside.

  • Creative Clothing

    Fashion, Other crafts  |  0 Commentcreative clothing

    What do you think of what these beautiful pink and white dress? Incredible, but they are completely made ​​from organic toilet paper. The unusual display was prepared by BT Couture and a leading Canadian company to create a paper for the bathroom - Cashmere.All clothing is made ​​from 100 percent clean sheets of white (White Cashmere) and pink cashmere (Pink Cashmere), toilet paper for the bathrooms in great demand in Canada.                                                                

  • Decorating T-shirts tutorial

    Needle crafts  |  1 Commentdecorating t-shirts tutorial

    Our regular column decorating T-shirts and the next incarnation. This option can also be regarded as an ordinary decoration, as well as they can hide any imperfections and T-shirt (stains, holes).   We need: T-shirt similar color to the main. Scissors. Sewing machine. From T-shirts cut off front and sleeves. Decompose on a horizontal surface, cut into strips 4 cm wide Gate basic T-shirts are increasing, making his cape. Cut off the strip free from seams, make a wavy edge on one side. Stitches on the sewing machine, make ruffles. Now sew a basic shirt collar. Next, sew shuttlecocks herringbone. And also

  • Decorating T-shirts laced tutorial

    Green crafts, Needle crafts, Repair work, Sewing  |  0 Commentdecorating t-shirts laced tutorial

    Here are adopting the idea of ​​this we decided to modify the existing one we have the usual t-shirt.   Embroidery can be placed both on the collar, sleeves and sides, and just at the top of the product. Decompose T-shirt on a flat surface. Round napkin with openwork fringe cut in half in diameter. And sew on the left side of the gate and right side, bottom of the shirt (ie, which was under the napkin, neatly cut off). T-shirt decorated with a tissue ready!  

  • Sundress crochet for girls

    Crochet, Dress, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentsundress crochet for girls


    Dress, Fashion, Needle crafts, Other crafts, Sewing, Skirts  |  0 Commentmore ideas for decor clothing!!


  • Recycle clothing: Braided Rag Rug

    Crochet, Recycle  |  0 Commentrecycle clothing: braided rag rug

    Material: 3 bath towels that had stains on them, but otherwise were in really good shape so I decided to turn them into my next project. I folded each towel in half and cut into 1.5 in strips. I cut up each towel.   They were all about the same size towel. I am sure many of you are saying "where is her rotary cutter?"  I don't have one so I did this old school. Once everything is cut I sewed 3 strips, one of each color together. Then get those fingers warmed up because there