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  • Molding of polymer clay is gaining in popularity.

    Clay, Other crafts  |  0 Commentmolding of polymer clay is gaining in popularity.

    Here, gathered a few techniques of sculpting polymer clay , which undoubtedly will interest you and will bring diversity to your creative process. Lessons from polymer clay sculpting. 1. Modeling technique colors of polymer clay. 2. Technique of making a smooth transition of color. 3. Rhombus triangle. 4. Quadrangle with a striped pattern. 5. Technology kaleidoscope. 6. Technique with the use of extrusion from the syringe. 7. Striped diamond. 8. Chessboard. 9. Modeling technique in a kaleidoscope.  

  • sweet peas from clay tutorial

    Clay, Other crafts  |  0 Commentsweet peas from clay tutorial

    Anastasia Pribelskaya - realistic floral artist, founder of the studio Rowan Craft, a teacher training center for international Web-Community Kukly.ru. For the work we need: Plastic Rowan Craft; Wire number 24; Pliers; oil paints; Classic stack; stack with the ball number 40; PVA glue is universal. Step 1. Cut the wire a length of about 10 -13 cm on the tip of each wire loop bends. Step 2. Separates a piece of clay and knead in the color you want it oil. Oils need quite a bit, it gives a very good color. For a beautiful true color, I mixed the