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  • crafty jewelry: clay beads

    Beading and knotting, Clay, Jewelry making, Other crafts  |  0 Commentcrafty jewelry: clay beads

    Author: Natalia Kabatova  Type of work: modeling Materials: polymer clay Hours: 1:00 Difficulty: 4 To start, make a simple sausage in small amounts, preferably of contrasting colors. A large number of small-scale and complicated I do not recommend, as squeezed, cut and fold a lot of will - a complex pattern may simply be lost as a result. Fold the triangle: Squeezed, cut in half: Fold in the diamond, put on the table so obtuse angle, which is more like it, and we press down with your fingers. Thus again we get a triangle: Squeezed, cut into 3 parts: Have like this, contract