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  • Christmas house tutorial

    Christmas's day, Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentchristmas house tutorial

    For the production of Christmas toys, "House of the clock," we need to: 1.Odnostoronny cardboard gold color 2.Dvuhstoronny cardboard, pearl effect claret 3.Karton with the texture of the canvas beige and pearl. 4.Poloska black cardboard 5.Businki 6.Zolotoy surround contour 7.Voscheny lace. 8.Foto or Christmas picture Tools: 1.Nozh Paper 2.Tsirkulny knife 3.Figurny punch twig 4.Figurny punch flower 5.Palochka for scoring 6.Shilo. To begin with, that we cut out blanks and bend them along the lines of the fold. Circle Circular cut with a knife. Additionally, from the burgundy cardboard cut out two round the rim of the inner radius of 2,2 cm External 2.6 cm Now prepare the flowers, which we