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  • Chocolate swimsuit with a red starfish

    Crochet, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentchocolate swimsuit with a red starfish

    Chocolate swimsuit with a red starfish In anticipation of the bathing season and just to satisfy his longing for rest and the sea, we will contact you with the red swimsuit chocolate starfish, beaded cerulean. Materials: • 2 skein of chocolate threads to basics 33% viscose, 67% Cotton, 1950, 158 m. • 1 skein of red yarn 80% viscose, 20% metallic polyester, 1925, 100 m. • hook of suitable size • packing beads cerulean • needle and thin nylon thread in the color of the leotard Getting Started: Basis for the bodice will bind to the scheme below. The initial number of