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Keywords: Chest of drawers

  • Chest of drawers from matchboxes

    Recycle, Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentchest of drawers from matchboxes

    Materials: - One sheet of paper for decoration (photo shows skrapbukingovaya paper 30x30). - A sheet of white A4 paper. - List of very thick cardboard. - 8 matchboxes - Felt or any soft fabric for interior drawers. - A thin ribbon 30 cm - Glue, scissors, stationery knife, double-sided tape. - Furntura for urasheniya. 1) To begin with we shall cut strips of paper finishing, the size of the smallest wall box (the one that will be the front part). And paste. Here's how: 2) making it into the pen boxes (such as buttons that can be purchased in stores accessories, scrapbooking and sewing