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  • Coaster Mini-Book Challenge

    Scrapbooking, Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentcoaster mini-book challenge

    Tutorial For this book you will need: 2 chipboard coasters (approx. 4x4 inches) (2) 12x12 sheets of coordinating patterned paper (2) 12x12 sheets of coordinating cardstock 18-inches of wide ribbon (2) 10-inch pieces of narrow ribbon various stickers, alphabet stamps or rub-ons Now to get started, you will need to cut two strips measuring 4 x 10-inches; one from patterned paper and one from cardstock. You will also need your coasters and wide ribbon. Place your cardstock face down. Lay your wide ribbon across the cardstock and securely adhere in place (I used double sided tape).Adhere one coaster to each end