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  • Clay bracelet “cat in the city” tutorial

    Clay, Jewelry making, Other crafts  |  0 Commentclay bracelet “cat in the city” tutorial

    You will need 1. plastic in several colors) can choose what you prefer:) In my case, yellow, purple, orange, red, black 2. pasta machine, or that what you roll out the dough plasticity 3. blade 4. Pastel (dark brown) 5. toothpick or needle 6. toothbrush 7. brushes 8. lacquer 9. Accessories for assembly 10. then what you want to hide a plate or shallow nazhdachka Dremel 11. good mood:) time I took a whole day, but I digress to feed the cat (my husband did not feed, he himself can not) drink tea, water the flowers, take kids to the pool,