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  • Chinese Art haydao, or carving pit

    Other crafts  |  0 Commentchinese art haydao, or carving pit

    Haydao - the art of making useless seeds from fruits and nuts of filigree art. What do you do after eating a peach, apricot, mango, avocado or other fruit with large seed inside? Probably send it in the trash - inedible same reason to keep the garbage. But in the Song Dynasty (960-1279) in China, you would call a spendthrift and a short-sighted man, because of this "trash" can turn out stunning works of art. Haydao was born in Song Dynasty (960-1279) in China, but during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) was the

  • Food art

    Carving fruit  |  0 Commentfood art

  • Carving art

    Jewelry making, Other crafts  |  0 Commentcarving art

    Holmogorskya carving More than 400 years of living a unique art Holmogorskya carving. Since ancient times, northerners extracted in the polar seas, seals, fish-tooth, ivory, collected on the shores of the Arctic Ocean fossil mammoth. To meet the needs bone carver brought from abroad, expensive ivory. In the hands of skilled craftsmen became like a noble simple tubular bovine bone (spindle). Bone treated with (cut) across the North: from Archangel to Solvychegodsk and Great Ustyug. However, the center began carving fishing Kholmogory - birthplace of the great University.  

  • Carving water liles and swans from eggs and onion

    Carving fruit, Recipes  |  0 Commentcarving water liles and swans from eggs and onion

    Everyone knows that feeding dish thing to consider is how this dish is issued, that, accordingly, raises appetit.Etu great idea I found on the Internet, I want to share with you For this we need: 4 sht.Yaytsa cooked in a cool (all advise to cook 6 pcs. Maybe because something did not immediately poluchitsya.S eggs need to be careful, because the very fragile and breaks down !!!!) 1 sht.Lukovitsa 1 sht.Morkov ((best half-baked) Green onion. Mint leaves (I have not currently been replaced by leaves, radish) Bell pepper (the smallest that can be found) Getting to the

  • Flowers from vegetables to decorate the holiday table!

    Carving fruit, Other crafts  |  0 Commentflowers from vegetables to decorate the holiday table!

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